Patient Testimonial

Having been a client of dentists and endodontists in multiple states, I found the competence and professionalism of both Dr. Reeh and his staff to be truly unsurpassed. After unsuccessfully attempting to schedule an emergency root canal with multiple clinics closer to home, we called Dr. Reeh on a whim and his office worked us in that very day. Although I was "certain" concerning the source of the pain, as was my dentist, Dr. Reeh proceeded with his own evaluation, determining the source of the pain to be a tooth other than that which I thought it was. Although I had doubts, the pain was impressive and had been with me for several days, so I conceded and he proceeded. He was correct, and in little time the root canal was done and the pain was gone. I experienced almost no residual discomfort from the procedure itself. He is a master of his craft. I became a repeat customer and Dr. Reeh earned a family of new clients. A few additional observations: - Dr. Reeh takes the time to explain, in detail, the sourcecause and implications of your issue, as well as what exactly to expect during the procedure. He provides multiple options to resolve the problem and assists you in selecting the one best suited to your personal needs. - His employees are professional and kind. We have contacted their office multiple times for reschedules, references to other dental professionals, and for general questions. They always respond promptly, patiently and helpfully. - For those who feel anxious in dentalmedical settings, know that Dr. Reeh's office is quite tranquil, with picture windows in procedureexamination rooms looking out over a pond and forest. - Pre-pasted toothbrushes in the bathroom for those of us who come straight from work and would feel shame for subjecting our endodontist to our 3:00 PM post coffeebreakfastlunch breath. 🙂

- Lewis B

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